About Us

   We are delighted that you are excited to know about the creators of  "Famistan - World of Fame", as well as welcome on our dream Project Famistan !

   With social media like Facebook, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp , we are giving content generously to all, thats why we succeed to conquer lots of hearts in a very short period of time !!

   We are creating a place that will fill the need for a new era and give them only best from the rest!

   Along with entertainment and #1 Quality Infotainmaint , we also trying to serve you more like Facts, news, offers etc. making your experience more than satisfactory !!

   Instead of just being "viral" and "sensational," we focus on providing quality content. If there is anything unique about us, that is our 'Organic' audience like you.

   Because of this, we are at the peak of this fame. And your support behind this has been just as precious.

~Team Famistan

Sukesh Janwalkar [Founder, Famistan]

Shubham Sutar [Owner, Famistan]

Vinayak Bobhate [CEO, Famistan]


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