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What is mobile root? | Famistan

What is mobile root? | Famistan 

                     Friends, you must have heard about the mobile root, so here we know what the mobile root is actually, basically root means giving superpower to your phone.  The pre-installed and built-in apps on your mobile phone will not be able to delete by viewing them.  When you make your phone root, it gives the superpower to your mobile phone which deletes the pre-installed unused apps. Providing mobile phone root is likely to damage the mobile.  What is root? | Famistan

  When and why do Android mobile roots?

                     - Friends, we make our Android mobile phone root when the device is running down (working slowly) and the operating system version is out of date.

           So let's talk about why your mobile starts running down.  After a while, Android company launches its new version of the operating system which is used more RAM (random access memory) and also update their application according to the new version of the operating system. Your phone does not have the capability to take the new android version and can be run on your mobile phone. When you download some updated apps those apps use maximum RAM of your mobile, so not enough RAM is available to run other apps. 

                     That's why your mobile phone starts running down. Root is used to provide a solution to this problem. By using root your device preparing RAM by removing the wasted apps from your mobile.

Advantages of mobile root:-

1)  you can able to delete pre-installed apps.
2)  you can upgrade the android version of your mobile by using custom ROM.
3)  you are able to record the mobile screen.
4) you can apply custom fonts and themes on your mobile.

Disadvantages of mobile root:-

1)  You lose your phone's warranty.
2)  If you root your mobile then you destroyed your mobile security system.
3)  your mobile gets brick i.e mean your device is completely damaged, no more use of it.

   friends, if you want to use custom ROM then talks in the comment box, we will give you information about it.

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