Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How to Make Single Name ID on Facebook | Famistan

How to Make Single Name ID on Facebook | Famistan 

           Do you wants to make a single name profile on Facebook? Let's make it happen.
How to Make Single Name ID on Facebook | Famistan

                  The first thing makes you sure that you haven't changed the facebook account name in the last 60 days. This trick is 100% working and tested. If you want to make your facebook account a single name then follow below steps:-

1. Log in to Facebook.

2. Go to the setting. 

3. Then go to Translation for Posts.

4. Language and region settings, click on the First option.

5. Change language to Tamil. (Save option is at the top.)

6. Now go to the previous menu Personal Information setting.

7. Change the Name option.

8. Then simply remove the last name of the facebook account.

9. After that facebook ask your facebook account password 
     Fill it and Confirm it.

10. Now it's done.
     your facebook account appears on Single Name

11. After that go to the Previous menu (facebook home page).

12. Again go to setting--->translation for post--->change language to English.

13. Now all is done go to your profile.
      Your profile showing single name FB ID... !!

14. Thank You.


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